• XSUSB image 1
  • XSUSB image 1
  • XSUSB image 2
  • Allows XSA and XSB Boards to be used with USB ports
  • 2x - 13x faster than the parallel port
  • USB 1.1 and USB 2.0 compatible
  • Compatible with all XSTOOLs utilities
  • Compatible with the XSA-50, XSA-100, XSA-200, XSA-3S1000 and XSB-300E Boards
  • Not compatible with XS40, XS95 or XSV Boards!
  • USBA-to-USBB cable included

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Current rating: 3.8

The XSUSB Board attaches to the parallel port connector of the XSA or XSB Board and converts it into a USB interface. Then you can use all the XSTOOLs utilitiesthrough a USB port. This is especially useful for newer laptops which have no parallel port. And the USB link is much faster - anywhere from 2x to 13x faster on FPGA/SDRAM/Flash downloads and uploads!

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