• XST-1 image 0
  • XST-1 image 0
  • XST-1 image 1
  • XS40/XS95/XSA/CSoC Board connector
  • prototyping area
  • pushbuttons (3)
  • DIP switch
  • LED digits (2)
  • LED bargraph
  • 20-bit stereo codec
  • stereo in/out ports
  • VGA monitor port
  • mouse/keyboard PS/2 port
  • daughterboard connector
  • optional 64-KByte SRAM

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The XStend Board provides additional support circuitry that the XS40, XS95, XSA-50, XSA-100 and XSTE5 CSoC Boards can access through their breadboard interfaces.  This circuitry extends the range of applications of the XS Boards into three new areas:
  • The pushbuttons, DIP switches, LEDs, and prototyping area are useful for basic lab experiments.
  • The VGA monitor interface, PS/2 interface and additional static RAM let you perform video and computing experiments.
  • The stereo codec and dual-channel analog I/O circuitry are useful for processing audio signals in combination with DSP components synthesized with XILINX's CORE generation software.
XESS product picture
XESS product picture