• XS95-108 image 0
  • XC95108 CPLD with XS_CPLD_SIZE macrocells
  • 8031 microcontroller
  • 32-KByte SRAM
  • 100 MHz programmable oscillator
  • Parallel port
  • VGA monitor port
  • keyboard/mouse PS/2 port
  • 7-segment LED
  • 84-pin prototyping interface
  • 9V DC power jack
  • 5V regulator
  • Downloading cable

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The XS95-108 Board is perfect for experimenting with CPLD designs, microcontroller programming, or hardware/software codesign.  You can implement logic circuitry with the CPLD.  The microcontroller can use the CPLD as a coprocessor.  The 32 KByte SRAM can store microcontroller programs/data or serve as general-purpose storage for CPLD-based designs.

The XC9500 series of CPLDs is supported by Xilinx's Foundation and Alliance Series software.

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