• XS40-005XL+ image 0
  • Not supported by WebPACK or the Xilinx Student Edition of Foundation 4.1i
  • XC4005XL FPGA
  • 8031 microcontroller
  • 128-KByte SRAM
  • 100 MHz programmable oscillator
  • Parallel port
  • mouse/keyboard PS/2 port
  • VGA monitor port
  • 7-segment LED
  • 84-pin prototyping  interface
  • Serial EEPROM socket
  • 9V DC power jack
  • 5V/3.3V regulators
  • Downloading cable

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The XS40-005XL+ Board is perfect for experimenting with FPGA designs, microcontroller programming, or hardware/software codesign.  The 9,000-gate XC4005XL FPGA operates at 5V so you can connect it to commonly available TTL chips.  Digital logic designs can be loaded into the FPGA.  The microcontroller can use the FPGA as a coprocessor.  The 128-KByte SRAM can store microcontroller programs/data or serve as general-purpose storage for FPGA-based designs.

The XC4005XL series of FPGAs is supported by Xilinx's Foundation and Alliance Series.

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