StickIt! Rotary Encoder

  • Two independent rotary encoders with integrated ON/OFF pushbuttons.
  • Each encoder has 20 clicks (detents) per revolution
  • Detects CW and CCW rotation of the encoder shafts
  • Detects pushbutton depression of the encoder shafts
  • PMOD compatible
  • Breadboard compatible
  • Open-source design

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Just slap this into a breadboard or insert it into a PMOD socket on the StickIt! board and your XuLA2 can detect clockwise and counter-clockwise rotation of two control knobs. You can also detect when the user presses down on either control knob (like a pushbutton).

As with the StickIt! board, we made the entire StickIt! Rotary Encoder module design open-source. All of it: bitstreams, schematic, PCB layout, documentation — everything!


I ordered a StickIt! Rotary Encoder module and all I got was a board. No software? No manual? No fancy box!?

When you order a StickIt! Rotary Encoder module, all you get is the board. That's it. The StickIt! Rotary Encoder module doesn't need any software itself. And the manual is online. As for the fancy box, well, sorry about that. Think of it as "saving the environment".

What kind of instructions are there for using the StickIt! Rotary Encoder module?

The StickIt! Rotary Encoder manual will tell you how to install your board, and it shows a block diagram architecture and how the FPGA connects to the encoder.

That's great, but how do I use the StickIt! Rotary Encoder module?

Ah, you mean how do you process the encoder output signals so the FPGA can detect the rotation of the control knob? We've already provided an example design that reads the encoder and outputs the result to an LED display. With that, you should be able to get your own designs up and running in no time.