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Everyone talks about system-on-a-chip design, but the myCSoC Kit from XESS Corp. actually lets you do it!  The kit is built around the Triscend TE505 Configurable System on a Chip (CSoC) that contains an enhanced 8032 microcontroller core combined with an array of configurable system logic (CSL).  By augmenting the 8032 with various soft modules loaded in the CSL, you can tradeoff between hardware and software implementations of system functions to meet your performance goals.

At just $169.95*, myCSoC Kit provides a complete environment with everything you need for training or developing with CSoCs:

  • Triscend's FastChip 1999 ™ software for developing program code and soft modules for Triscend CSoCs; (Note!!: This is a full version of the FastChip software with no restrictions. However, you must request an updated FastChip 2.3.x CDROM before Triscend will register your software and provide the license that enables all the features. While they do not charge for this, there will be a delay while they ship the FastChip 2.3.x CDROM to you. We apologize for the delay and inconvenience caused by this but there is nothing we can do about it.)
  • "myCSoC" tutorial CDROM that shows how the FastChip 1999 software is used to create and debug applications for Triscend CSoCs;
  • an XSTE5 CSoC Board that works with all the example designs in the tutorial and serves as a general-purpose development board for the Triscend TE505 CSoC;
  • a downloading cable that attaches the CSoC Board to the parallel port of your PC;
  • a power supply for the CSoC Board.

myCSoC Kit is easy to use: load the FastChip 1999 software, connect the CSoC Board to your PC, and start developing and testing CSoC applications! Then interface your design to external systems through the expansion interface that gives you access to the TE505 I/O pins. Once your development is complete, you can program your design into the Flash RAM and use the CSoC Board in a stand-alone mode.

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