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Random Number Generators and Hardware Sorters

Posted by: Dave Vandenbout in Blog Post 3 years, 6 months ago

Just a short post to alert you to some things I've done that are FPGA-related but don't appear on this site. <<more...>>


Giving Back to KiCad

Posted by: Dave Vandenbout in Blog Post 4 years ago

I switched over to KiCad a while ago, mainly because paying fees for Eagle upgrades that didn't have much "up" in them seemed pretty stupid. In exchange for providing a free tool, the KiCad open-source developers get a lot of grief, mostly about the GUI and library management. That's to be expected: all EDA software, like unhappy families, sucks in its own unique way. A lot of these are bike-shed issues that are easy to understand so people form opinions they're not shy about expressing. But it's not a big problem to me as long as the right wires end up in the right places. It's fine to voice your concerns so the developers get some feedback; then put on your big-boy pants and make do with what you've got. <<more...>>


Easier Connections

Posted by: Dave Vandenbout in Blog Post 4 years, 3 months ago

One of the real pains when using the StickIt! boards is trying to figure out how they connect to the FPGA pins. For example, you have to trace each I/O pin of an LEDDigits board through a particular socket of a StickIt! motherboard and over to the socket that holds the XuLA2 FPGA board. Then you have to follow the route from the XuLA2 I/O pin to the pin on the FPGA. Finally, you have to record that information in a user-constraints file and pass it to the FPGA compilation tools. <<more...>>


83 Boards. 25 Bucks.

Posted by: Dave Vandenbout in Blog Post 4 years, 3 months ago

A lot of product ideas don't work out. Sometimes they're infeasible. If not, you build it and find out it sucks. If not, you build more and your customers say they suck. (Or so few say that it doesn't suck that there's no reason to make any more.) If not, then you've got a winner. Congratulations. <<more...>>


This dream is not my dream.

Posted by: Dave Vandenbout in Blog Post 4 years, 4 months ago

I've been alerted by a few people today of a Kickstarter campaign by DreamMICRO that uses some images of our XuLA2 FPGA board: <<more...>>


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