My First KiCad Board!

Posted by: Dave Vandenbout in Blog Post 6 years, 3 months ago

KiCad logo I made the decision last year to move from Eagle to KiCad. I got tired of releasing OSHW boards that many people couldn't modify because the freeware version of Eagle was so limited. I also got tired of paying $600 for upgrading to the next major release, especially when the big, new feature was ASCII-encoded design files. Really, that's it?! Hold me back! <<more...>>

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Thanks Bunches for That!

Posted by: Dave Vandenbout in Blog Post 6 years, 4 months ago

BOM-costing ULP screenshot I've written before about my favorite Eagle tool: a pricing ULP that gets real-time prices for parts from Digikey and generates a BOM cost for building a set quantity of boards. Recently, Jorge Ortiz from the Jicamarca Radio Observatory modified the code to remove the restriction of only allowing a single ordering number and value for a part. That was a problem for things like resistors which have different ordering numbers for each resistance value. He even added the capability for specifying multiple manufacturers for a part which is helpful for things like resistors and capacitors. Jorge also found a fast way to go directly to the Digikey web page for a given part and avoid the much slower search function technique I used. <<more...>>


Re-Organizing the XESS VHDL Library

Posted by: Dave Vandenbout in Blog Post 6 years, 4 months ago

XESS VHDL library organization I recently wrote about my problems that arose when I re-organized the library of VHDL modules that goes with the XESS FPGA boards, so I thought it would be good to show how the library is now structured. <<more...>>


Customers Care About Their Shit, Not Mine!

Posted by: Dave Vandenbout in Blog Post 6 years, 4 months ago

I re-factored the library of VHDL modules for the XuLA and XuLA2 boards last week (that's fancy talk for cleaning up the shit that had accumulated in it). Basically, I built a single, merged library that could be used for both types of boards even though they're based on different FPGA families. <<more...>>


Dev Boards and the Gym

Posted by: Dave Vandenbout in Blog Post 6 years, 6 months ago

It struck me the other day that a lot of people buy development boards the way they buy a music CD (I know nobody buys music CDs anymore, but stick with me): they pick something that's popular with their crowd, look for the cheapest place to get it, and then bring it home with expectations of how great it will be. <<more...>>

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